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  • What do I need during my appointment?
    You will need a chair to sit on (preferably with a low back) in a spacious area & a plug socket nearby for electricals. If you are having a colour service, you'll need an old towel for after washing your hair & I will need to have a table/kitchen work top near to place my equipment on.
  • What room is best for you to work in?
    I will need a room which has natural light, a spacious area and somewhere that has a plug socket close by. Most clients prefer a room with hard flooring, so it's easier to sweep up hair cuttings.
  • Shall I wash my hair before you arrive?
    Please make sure your hair is clean (unless requested otherwise), I understand that other hairdressers may be different, but this is how I like to work. I won’t be able to wash your hair for you, so please make sure you or someone else in your household can do this. ​ Requests for services: Blowdry - Have hair washed before I arrive, or if you would like me to see your hair first, you can wash it once I've arrived. Cut & Blowdry - The hair must be fully wet (not sprayed down, and not just the ends), so again please wash your hair before or after I’ve arrived. Colour Services - Hair must be clean, dry & product-free. This includes dry shampoo/talc, root colour spray, hairspray, etc. For best colour results, wash hair day/night before.
  • How do I wash the colour off?
    You will need to be able to wash the colour off yourself. Most of my existing clients find the easiest way is over the bath using a shower head to rinse. Some clients have washed their hair over the sink (using the taps & a jug) before, however this doesn't always achieve the best results. I will provide you with shampoo & conditioner.
  • How do I pay you?
    I can take card (contactless or chip & pin), cash or bank transfer payments.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    I require 48hrs notice for cancellations. If you cancel with less than 48hrs notice, you may be charge 50% of your appointment cost. If you do not give me any notice, or are not home when I arrive, you may be charged full payment of your appointment cost.
  • Why do I need a consultation/skin test before colouring?
    A consultation is needed before a colour service so I can see your hair in real life. I need to be able to identify your hair colour so I know which colour products to use (or order). This will be where we will discuss which colour you'd like to achieve. You will need a skin test at least 48hrs before I colour, so I know you will not have a reaction to the colour products I use. I'm aware that it is rare to most people to have a reaction, but like anything, you can get a reaction from anything at any time. I am also not covered by my insurance if a skin test is not given.
  • What if I don't want my hair blowdried afterwards?
    You don't have to have your hair blowdried after cutting/colouring, however it is included in the price of all my services and will not be less if no blowdry is wanted. I prefer to dry your hair after cutting so I can guarantee your haircut - there may be some touch-ups needed once dry. If you're having a colour service, I prefer to see the colour once dry, so I know both myself, and you, are happy with the final result.
  • Can I smoke during my appointment?
    As a non-smoker, I would ask you (or other household members) not to smoke during your appointment. If you really have to, please do so outside & without wearing the gown I provide. I do not wish for myself or my equipment to smell of smoke when visiting other clients.
  • I have a dog/cat, is that ok?
    I love dogs and don't mind if they want to say hello when I arrive! However, they must be out of the way whilst I am working, both for the safety of them & myself. I'm not a big lover of cats, so please make sure they are also out of the way.
  • Why do you charge extra for long hair or more product?
    My prices are based on average product used, and sometimes more product is used for long hair (for example). If the service also takes longer time than usual, I have to charge for the extra time used.
  • Do I have to wear a face mask?
    You don't have to wear a face mask if you don't want to but are welcome to wear one if you like. If you would prefer me to wear one, please do let me know.
  • Do you work evenings or weekends?
    Some evening & weekend appointments are available. These can be booked upon request.
  • Can you colour my hair using products I provide?
    Due to insurance purposes, I am unable to use any products you provide. I must, and will only, use products I provide myself.
  • Do you cut childrens hair?
    I don't offer services to children under 12 years old.
  • How much notice do you need to book an appointment?
    I usually need 2-3 weeks notice. However, I always welcome enquiries, as sometimes I get cancellations which will offer you a sooner appointment.
  • Do you do wedding/occasion hair?
    I am not currently fully qualified in wedding hair at the moment, however I am looking at completing some training courses in the near future. I am currently able to do some basic styles.
  • Do you clean/tidy up the mess after an appointment?
    I always try to keep as tidy as possible whilst in your home. If you need help sweeping/hoovering up the hair after your haircut, I will be happy to help.
  • I work from home, can I still work whilst you do my hair?
    Absolutely! I don't mind you working whilst having your hair done, but I may need you to move around at some points. If you are having a colour service, please be aware you will need to wash your colour off at a certain time.
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