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Below is the services I offer, and I travel to you so you can feel comfortable in your own home. 

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I provide all my own equipment & tools to complete your service - all you will need is a chair to sit on.


If you are having a colour service, I will need a area on a worktop/table to put my things on. You will need to be able to have easy access to an area to wash your hair - eg. shower head. Please also make sure you have an old towel to use after washing your hair.

Before booking a colour appointment, you are required to have a consultation at least 48hrs beforehand. Consultations are basically just a chat! We chat all about your hair, your colour history, what you’d like to achieve, your likes/dislikes & the condition of your hair. You also need a skin test. Whether you’re new to colour or have been colouring your hair for years - you still need a skin test. I will also send you an online colour consultation form to fill out prior to your face-to-face consultation/skin test appointment.

The colour range I use is L'Oreal Professional. I also use a range of styling products, shampoo & conditioner from other brands. Unfortunately I cannot use products/colour provided by yourself.

Before booking an appointment, please do read through my terms & confirm that you're happy.

Please note: for me to travel to you, I have a minimum spend of £20.

For more details or a quote - don't hesitate to contact me!

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