Consultations & Skin Test

All new colour clients are to have a consultation appointment before booking a colour service. A non-refundable payment of £20 is required, and this will be taken off your colour appointment.


During the consultation appointment, you will also have a skin test. This is for all new clients – whether you’re new to colour or have been colouring your hair for years.

Existing clients that are wanting to book a colour service may also need to be re-skin tested.

Cancellation Policy

I understand that sometimes you need to cancel/reschedule an appointment, so if you do need to please give me 48hrs notice, before your booked appointment.

If you cancel less than 48hrs before your appointment, there may be a charge of 50% from your appointment cost.

Please understand that if you do not give me any notice, I miss the opportunity to fill the appointment time for someone else, therefore you may be charged full cost of your original appointment.


Please make sure your hair is clean (unless requested otherwise), I understand that other hairdressers may be different, but this is how I like to work. I won’t be able to wash your hair for you, so please make sure you or someone else in your household can do this.

Requests for services:

Blowdry - Have hair washed before I arrive, or if you would like me to see your hair first, you can wash it once I've arrived.

Cut & BlowdryThe hair must be fully wet (not sprayed down, and not just the ends), so again please wash your hair before or after I’ve arrived.

Colour Services - Hair must be clean, dry & product-free. This includes dry shampoo/talc, root colour spray, hairspray, etc. For best colour results, wash hair day/night before.

I will need an spacious area for me to work in. I do like to have a clean and empty kitchen side/table free to put my tools on which is in reach of the working area, so that would be great if possible! You will also need a chair to sit on - if you do not have an appropriate one, please state before booking.

As you will be having your hair blowdried/styled, I will need a plug socket close by - my lead is not the longest!

Other Information

All payments are to be paid by card (contactless or chip & pin), bank transfer or cash. 

Hair By Lauren reserves the right to request payment upfront for any services or products.

I endeavour to get to your appointment on time, however being mobile, please allow 10-20 minute leeway due to unforeseen circumstances, such as – traffic conditions that may effect your appointment. As I will be sterilising and using different guidelines to help protect myself and clients, this also may take more time in between clients. In such cases, I will contact you with my estimated time of arrival.

I appreciate some of my clients are smokers – but please no smoking in your home whilst I am visiting you. I do not wish for my tools and/or gowns to smell of smoke for when I am visiting other clients.

Could all new clients please notify me if:

-You have any children that will be at your home during your appointment

-You have any pets

-There are any stairs to access your home

-There are places for me to park my car.

Please try to keep a other people in your household out of the room whilst I am there & abide to the social distancing rules set by the government.

I will be wearing a mask at all times where close contact is in place. I ask that you also wear a face mask/covering where close contact is in place during your appointment. Please be aware that during colour services, your face mask/covering may get colour on it, so feel free to use a disposable rather than re-usable mask. I also have medical tape if you would prefer to tape your mask to your face instead of having the mask behind your ears.

Each client will have a fresh, clean gown & all equipment will be sterilised between clients & overnight each day.

Please let me know if you have had any symptoms of coronavirus recently or if you are otherwise unwell. Your appointment may need to be rescheduled.